Pencil Sketch from Photo

I had to take a few minutes and put on a sketch or two that I have drawn with pencil from a photo! One of my passion’s in life is Stevie Ray Vaughan, no matter where I find myself, if a song by him hits the airwaves or winds up in shuffle on the ipod, it makes me smile. I have auctioned off alot of my work for charity and Stevie Ray Vaughan always draws in some cash.

In a previous post, I asked the rock trivia question about Ol’ White, Stevie Ray’s Guitar, this is a picture of him with Ol’ White.

I have done several pencil sketches from photo’s as well for a variety of people for gifts. Please feel free to contact me.


~ by marshallyard on November 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “Pencil Sketch from Photo”

  1. So have you gotten his new Collaboration album yet?

    Yes, there’s no one like SRV.

  2. I have not Brett, is it the release from 2007 in August?

  3. Very nice pencil work!

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