Stevie Ray Vaughan – Tribute

Today would have been the celebration of his 53rd Birthday!

Some of my most favorite Stevie songs are:

Close to You

Hug You, Squeeze You

THE entire In Sessions with Albert King – ROCKS!

Feel free to add some of your favorites – and crank up the volume – look up to the sky – and know his spirit still soars with every riff!


~ by marshallyard on October 3, 2007.

11 Responses to “Stevie Ray Vaughan – Tribute”

  1. Definitely…In my opinion he was the greatest guitarist to ever live! The big argument between him and Jimi Hendrix…for one thing Jimi Hendrix was afraid to play acoustic guitar…I guess he couldn’t play as good without the sound altering devices of electric guitar. This is clearly shown in the “Hear My Train A Coming” acoustical version. Compare this to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s MTV Unplugged (Pride and Joy, Rude Mood, Testify) this totally takes Jimi. Dont get me wrong Jimi is a guitarist but no matter how good someone is there is always someone better…in this case its Stevie Ray Vaughan.

  2. yup…he was definitely the one and only! I’m not sure if you would know…but do you know what size the strings were on MTV Unplugged? I know its a Guild guitar but I’m not sure of the string size.

  3. My favorite Stevie song is Rude Mood (acoustic) …didn’t it win rock blues instrumental of the year?

  4. By far my favorite is Hug You Squeeze You – Live!
    But yet, when I listen to others, It gives me chills, there is a rockin rare footage from Japan when him and double trouble are interviewed and he does Riveria Paradise on a flyin’ V

  5. No, I have not seen the drawings yet but I will indeed check it out! Yeah those shows you were talking about are truly amazing! I have to try the 13’s on my acoustic..I’m trying to get the same sound that he got from his…but given that I’m not Stevie Ray Vaughan I don’t know if it will work haha. I would actually like to visit Texas sometime to see the memorial statue and experience the atmosphere of the great state! I live pretty far away from there but maybe someday I will get to go 😛 Tell your husband thanks for his help!

  6. I’m having trouble finding your drawings…send me the link if its not too much trouble!

    Thanks 🙂

  7. Nevermind I found them…wow…excellent job!!! Keep up the good work! I am actually going to a halloween festival in my city as Stevie Ray Vaughan haha. I’m still gathering all the accessories but it should be good!

  8. That totally rocks your costume. My husband and I want to go to Austin too! I have always wanted to walk the streets and visit the juke joints down there! Send me a pic of the halloween get up! I’ll post it! ALWAYS love another Stevie Fan! I’ve got scads of pictures I have drawn and he is one cat that catches my attention

  9. haha will do! When I get it done i will send you a picture…can i do it through this or email?

  10. Thanks for your insight – The MTV unplugged with Stevie is truly hot! He had the blues down deep in his bones. I agree with you, no matter how good, there is someone always better. This is how we learn and take ourselves and our crafts to the next level.

  11. James, my husband said those are most likely 13 gage strings, he thinks he used them on both the acoustic and electric.

    Did you check out my drawings of Stevie on the blog?

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